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Bit of a fall...

MrJamesMrJames Posts: 24
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Sitting here at home bored and really annoyed at the fact I could be off my bike for a few weeks....

Went out for a nice ride yesterday evening mostly off road a nice little loop up and around bignor hill, some great climbs, good track and some decent downhill runs which all went fine and no problems at all.

After the off road I then had a section of road to go through before getting back off road on the way home this is where it all went a bit wrong, I turned right into a side road and as I did the bike shot out from under me it turns out as I went to turn the front tyre lost all pressure! What a bad time for a puncture! :(

Nicely cut knee and elbow but the worse part is that I dislocated my right shoulder talk about bad luck! :D

Anyone else had any stupid accidents?


  • Cycling on tarmac cycle path to supermarket with daughter to get some supplies for off road ride planned the next day. Gently ambling along, she suddenly braked, I did same to try and avoid her, but ended up in heap on floor. A&E said just bruising, but four months later found that I had fractured my elbow. Five months of physio, an op to remove bone spurs and another five months of physio, and it is now just about sorted.
  • .blitz.blitz Posts: 6,588
    Quite a few really some of them have been in the 'watch this' category...

    * two girls pushing up past a small jump I'm coming down and launch with one hand on the bars all cool like and land crossed-up
    * more ladies, this time sessioning a step-up they stand aside as I hit it at full speed, catch my baggies on the shifter and topple over
    * icy section of boardwalk again with some wiser bikers as an audience. I have never fallen off so quickly
    * out of the trees and across a fireroad at the precise moment a group of schoolchildren are walking along. I missed the first two or three then one of them turned and I caught my bars on their bag strap and down we went.
    * more boardwalk this time with a steep drop on one side. Overbalanced, over the side, land on my back with the bike cartwheeling towards me just manage to turn aside James Bond stylee

    Roots under wet leaves is another regular as is overshooting berms and misjudging tree gaps :)
  • Sprinting up a short, steep climb my chain snapped causing me to fall forwards and take an actual chunk of flesh out of my thigh on my stem. The wife found the lost chunk of flesh in my shorts while washing them!
    After sessioning the ladder drop at Gawton we were rolling back to the car park at low speed, I slipped on a root and mashed my shoulder in to a rock resulting in a broken arm, broken collar bone, separated shoulder and fractured shoulder blade!
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,748
    Riding through some woods in autumn in the dark, guy at the front took a wrong turn, guys who knew the way at the back shouted for us, we did a u-turn and I was in the lead and was following the track, going fairly briskly on a carpet of leaves, came into a dip with a slight turn, as I leant the bike over I realised the leaves were on a wooden bridge with all the grip of ice, front washed out in a nano second and I went straight into the ground chest first, badly winded and had to do the rest of the ride (about 6 miles) short breathing as it hurt to breath in properly, was visiting the nurse about something else 3 days later when she noticed me wince and checked me over, 2 cracked ribs.
  • stubsstubs Posts: 5,001
    If you have all night I could list them. Mostly of the "Just one more go round" variety
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  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,601
    I've been riding bikes for a very long time, listing them all would break the internet.
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  • It was quite funny when the doctor was talking to me at the hospital the first thing he asked was 'Did this happen on downhill?' turned out he loves mountain biking lol...

    Glad it's not just me that manages silly accidents, although when I removed the tyre earlier to check the tube for punctures (found at least 3 small ones so no idea what I went over) the tyre felt really thin they're nobbly nic just wondering if it's worth replacing for something a little more durable?
  • veronese68veronese68 Posts: 23,701 Lives Here
    Went out drinking for a mates stag do, thought I'd ride over. As I'd recently gone to spds I thought they wouldn't mix with alcohol so put flats back on. Didn't do them up too tight as it was only for the evening. On the way there I was stood up, rattling over some cobbles a pedal fell off sending my knackers into the top tube. Ouch. Couldn't get the pedal back on so realised I'd have to walk the bike back. Some hours later after a few beers riding back with one pedal was the only obvious thing to do. Riding along the river there was a change in surface and grip. Down I went, landing heavily on my left side. As per Rookie's tale, I later discovered broken ribs. Whoops.
    Many others that could be mentioned, but that is the stupidest on my part.
  • biking in snow negotiated all single-track uphill and downhill sections with no dramas. pedalling along flat fire road front wheel all of a sudden slips 90 degrees and i go crashing down full weight onto my elbow. tons of pain but after 5mins of feeling sick realise that i just landed on my funny bone and not broken my arm/elbow
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