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HT options for around £300 - 350

_james_james Posts: 15
edited July 2014 in MTB buying advice
Hi all!

The other half is keen to get out and about with me on the bike, so we're looking for a HT. I knew that BikeRadar was the place to come for advice :) Her budget is around £300, perhaps up to £350.

I had heard the Rockrider 5.2/ 5.3 is a good buy, but according to Decathlon it's now discontinued and doesn't show up in their search results? We're struggling to find other alternatives.

Requirements are HT, disc brakes and preferably, but not essentially, remote lockout.

Does anyone have any experience/ opinion on the Rockrider 520? I know it's over her £350 budget, but if it's a good buy she is prepared to go for it. Heres the link: ... nformation

Thanks for any nudges in the right direction :D


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