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TFC1TFC1 Posts: 62
Morning All,

I am a new conversion to road biking having signed up for my work's charity ride next may - Madrid to Lisbon (just under 500 miles in 5 days).

I have ordered a new bike (Planet X Pro Carbon) which should be with me in the next week or so. So far i have been trainig for the last month which has involved one logish ride at the weekends on my MTB with flat pedals and slick tyres (did just under 50 miles saturday and felt OK). I am also doing an hour or so on my excercise bike 3 times a week after work in the evenings to keep the legs going.

So far it is feeling pretty good (apart from still getting used to long periods on the saddle), I am just over 40 and about 15 stone but fairly fit so happy with the progress but wanted to get some tips about any particular training i should be aiming to achieve by a specific time over the next few months.

any tips wouldbe great.



  • milesemilese Posts: 1,233
    The training your doing sounds great. Keeping interested through winter is your main challenge, so get involved with the group your going to ride with as much as you can. Ride with them, talk to them about what they are doing etc.

    Have a look at the other thread in this forum at the moment about training for the Pyrenees. Your ride might not be as hilly, so maybe not focus on that side so much, but training on hills will always help your training.
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