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TACX i-Flow vs i-Vortex - help pls

dsoutardsoutar Posts: 1,746
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I'm just about driving myself nuts trying to compare these and the TACX website doesn't exactly swamp you with detail. Can someone please describe / confirm the difference(s)

As far as I can see the i-Flow has this front wheel frame which seems to make it steerable whereas the i-Vortex doesn't - is that correct ? I presume that means the Vortex doesn't have steering so how does this work with the VR ?

What about the VR - any difference between the two ? The only difference I understand is the i-Flow comes with the basic and the i-Vortex comes with the advanced

The -Flow seems to be around £450 and the i-Vortex around £500

So is it basically is it a choice between steering or the advanced sorftware (and of course the software seems to be upgradeable for about £160 which raises a further question - is it worth having the advanced ?)

Sorry for all the questions but would appreciate some guidance from someone who knows what they are on about before a migraine kicks in

Finally, although I would use my winter road bike on it, I presume a mtb could be used (my wife has some designs on using it too)

Thanks in advance


  • I have TACX i flow, the Steerer frame is no use IMHO as I use it with VR video.

    I have ridden standard turbo which is mind boggling boring. In comparison the i flow with vr is great. I end up doing 2 hour sessions compared to my previous 20 mins on 'normal' turbo. I can't comment on vortex but would strongly recommend I flow. I got mine pretty reasonable from fudge cycles and delivery was super quick.

    Hope that helps

  • APIIIAPIII Posts: 2,010
    The Advanced has more VR terrains and race options. It also has 'simulation' where you can preview RLV's and allows you to export ride data to trainingpeaks or similar. I'm still new to it all, so there maybe some other differences, but these are the major ones.
    If you haven't got a steering frame, then it just autosteers for you.
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