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Newbie with Gear info confusion

rolyatluaprolyatluap Posts: 5
edited November 2012 in MTB beginners
Hi All
I decided to get my first bike since I was 16 (38 now) and thought I would try a budget Cube Aim 29 disc,when I picked it up I didnt notice but the frontchain selector(please excuse terminology or lack of)was hitting my tyre so the guy on phone told me to turn screw to adjust but any problems pop it back.Well I tried and moved it away from tyre and so i took it for a small run to make sure all gears worked.after a very short distance I wrongly selectes large front cog and large rear cog and it wouldnt select and locked.I took it back and the shop sorted it and set up gears to not hit tyres etc but the bike engineer indicated I should never go the big cog front and back combo as it does real damage also smallest cog smallest cog.I can understand the strain on the chain but surely I should still be able to select it as it doesnt engage at all, is this not dangerous if I accidently selected as it would lock the back wheel .....
Am I missing something really obvious here..



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