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Double to Triple?? new derailleurs needed?

benjii19benjii19 Posts: 67
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I just upgraded to a Campag Triple (10 speed) from a double. But it has caused problems with the gearing as the changes aren't as good as with the double ring.

I've got a short rear mech, 8 speed cassette and a double front deraiileur. Which not being a cycle mechanic I believe could be the problem.

Does everything need to be campag to upgrade these to accept the triple? any ideas on parts I need and how cheap I can get them?


  • benjii19benjii19 Posts: 67
    Any ideas? at all?

    Suggestions for which parts I can live with and which I can't live without. I'm looking at trawling ebay once I get some suggestions.
  • sungodsungod Posts: 14,811
    for a triple chainset, you need a triple front mech and a triple shifter

    if you post exact model details for the components you might get more specific answers
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  • benjii19benjii19 Posts: 67
    Campag 10 speed triple. campag front mech (double).campag rear mech(short). I wont be able to look at the bike till next week to find more info out. it lives at the inlaws.
  • mercia_manmercia_man Posts: 1,431
    Campag Ergo levers generally will work with a double or a triple as they're not indexed. But you need to match an eight-speed cassette with eight-speed levers, which I'm assuming is what you've got. I assume that when you say you have a 10-speed triple you mean the chainset. A 10-speed chainset should work OK with an eight-speed system.

    It is possible to make a double front mech and short cage rear mech work with a triple set-up - I had such a system for several years in the 1990s - but it will never be that good. You really need a triple front mech and a long or medium cage rear mech. And they need to be Campag items.

    Campag eight-speed systems are obsolete and you'd be best off changing the whole thing for 10-speeds. But that won't be cheap.
  • benjii19benjii19 Posts: 67
    It used to be a double chain ring... But i couldnt manage the hills as im used to an m tb. Im sure it is an 8 speed cassette
  • rolf_frolf_f Posts: 16,015
    Mercia Man wrote:
    Campag eight-speed systems are obsolete and you'd be best off changing the whole thing for 10-speeds. But that won't be cheap.

    Naayyy! There shouldn't be any trouble at all getting parts from Ebay. Cheaper than new too. Best off not changing to 10 speeds - especially if you have a triple up front.

    Mind you, best would have been not to change the chainset at all and instead got a big cassette for the rear plus long/medium cage mech and seen if that was low enough.

    Then, and only then do you try the triple at which point you have the right rear mech and cassette already.
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  • benjii19benjii19 Posts: 67
    Father in law, jumped in and did the change. Which was much appreciated.

    However if I'm ever going to get it sorted think I'll have to get a new rear mech and cassette like you say.

    Any ideas on which models, prices?
  • benjii19benjii19 Posts: 67
    Would a campag 10 speed cassette transfer easily on to a wheel running an 8 speed cassette?
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