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Any Good websites for Genuine/Bargain Cycling Jerseys?

CycleManiaCycleMania Posts: 11
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After discovering i am a XXXL in European Sizes for Cycling Gear i am now trying to hunt down some GENUINE Smart Team Jerseys at a Bargain price if possible? I have been checking out Amazon and a few others and it appears that a lot of the stuff on Amazon is Fake and shipped in from Singapore/Thailand, :shock:

1. Is this stuff on Amazon any good?

2. Can somebody please give me the websites to some Top Cycling Shops with a few bargains if possible please? :D

I need a few Jerseys and Bib shorts if poss please so i could do without Blowing too Much Cash to be honest, 8)

Expensive stuff this Cycling when you really get into it, :? Worth it to look Good on the Roads tho me thinks, 8)

Can somebody please help?????



  • sungodsungod Posts: 14,644
    for team kit made by the original/authorised manufacturer, you probably need to look at places like pbk, wiggle etc., it's coming up towards end of season, so stock gets discounted now ... thing.html

    btw, you can use code SUPER10 to get 10% extra discount at pbk, valid until midnight tomorrow
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  • rafletcherrafletcher Posts: 1,235
    Primera sport are good too.
  • mouthmouth Posts: 1,195
    There was a thread on here about m and m a few weeks back selling cheap shorts and stuff. It appears they buy short stocks and end of line/outsize stuff and sell it on. They may be worth a shot.
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  • Take a butchers at this Juanito:
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  • Thank You all very much for your advice and tips, 8)

    Every single 1 has been Very Useful, Cheers! (Prendas has some seriously Awesome Stuff, :wink: )

    Over The Moon that i have now found some Genuine and Top of the range gear for me to look good every time that i take to the Roads, :lol:

    Thank You all once again, :wink:

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