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Wellgo V8 - Grrrrrr.Rubbish ?

weeksy59weeksy59 Posts: 2,606
edited July 2011 in MTB workshop & tech
So i bought a set of Wellgo's V8's. They're making a bit of a noise... so i took them apart (cap and nut) and without the nut they run free and nice... soon as you put some pressure on the nut they grind like a nightmare...

Now i've only used these for 150 miles or so... even though cheap, i expect better.

So... am i missing something and the nut doesn't need to be tight ? As it's not a nylock nut i'd guess it will come off... Maybe a nylock will give me a resolution.

May not be an issue as i swapped to Candy C SPD's today, but don't know how long they'll last as i'm still not convinced by the whole SPD debate.


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