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CycleOps Jet Fluid Pro Winter Training Kit

ohara227ohara227 Posts: 225

Any views on this trainer please? I like the look of it as its not got any controls or so, therefore just get on and ride. I can get it for about £260 through work.

Mainly use for:

Get confidence on road bike when its still dark out and roads covered in ash
Bike set up
Building endurance etc

Any alternatives? Perhaps cheaper?

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  • Hi,

    I bought one of these last October, and it has been great for training over the winter.

    Just by changing gears / speed you get a massive range of resistance. It is meant to give a realistic resistance compared with riding on the road, and to me this seems about right.

    I'm not sure about using it to build endurance. I find it OK for 90 minutes at a time, but have to have variety in the session to put up with this. For steady endurance rides I tend to do pyramids going up then down the gears, changing gear once a minute. I also find it essential to get out of the saddle for a while every now and then - just to keep things comfortable.
  • +1 for the Jet Fluid Pro, I have had mine since last October and its a great bit of kit.

    Easy to set up, folds more or less flat when not in use for easy storage, quiet when in use, easy to attach the bike, feels like you are cycling on the road which is why I bought it.

    If you do a search on here you find bundles on both the subject in general and the Jet Fluid Pro.

    Throw in a couple of Sufferfest Vids, a TV and a big fan and you are sorted.

    Good luck
  • hugo15hugo15 Posts: 1,101
    Got a Jet Fluid Pro last year. Very pleased with it.
  • Fantastic piece of kit to have they are!

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