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Converted to disc brakes

zippy12zippy12 Posts: 20
edited September 2009 in MTB beginners
I'm currently upgrading from avid speed dial 5 V-brakes, to avid juicy 3's. My question is what do you do with the old v-brake mounting holes on the frame and the forks?
Do I just leave them as is or is there something to tidy them up a bit?
Cheers in advance


  • CraigXXLCraigXXL Posts: 1,852
    You can buy plugs/caps for them or jsut leave them if they don't bother you.
  • Cheers Craig,
    Any links to where I can get them or should any good lbs stock them?
  • Did you use a conversion kit? I was thinking of doing the same with my GT. The back frame doesn't have holes for disk brakes, so will have to use a conversion kit. The problem is, the small kits fit to the two small holes on the back bracket, but mine doesn't have those ether so looks like I will need the one with the bar that attaches to the v brake bracket.

    There is two small holes on the inside of the back frame(3mm ish) but not sure if it is meant to be used for disc breaks.

    I suppose it would help if I had pics really!!
  • Did you use a conversion kit?

    No lucky for me my frame has disc mount on it.
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