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Avid bleed kit does it also work on Formula brakes

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Been looking everywhere for a Formula bleed kit with no joy. Does the Avid bleed kit work for Formula brakes the kit looks similar. Do the pipe fittings fit and do you bleed Formulas using the same set of instructions.
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  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    the treads are not the same but it can work take care. Also the Avid one may catch the Formula adjuster.

    Not tried it as i have both.

    Formula top Avid bottom.
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  • Yes, it does work fine with formula's, well, oro's at least, I bleed mine with the juicy bleed kit and use the same instructions, just remember that the formula lever needs to be vertical as the grub screw is behind the lever blade not on the body of the reservoir, also, when removing the grub screw from ther caliper banjo bolt, lay the bike on its side as formula have a little o-ring in there which will come out and dissappear as the fluid drips, if you lose this you cannot seal the brakes and they will ooze fluid! Do the same for removing the syringe too.
    This is all refering to oro's, not used other formula.
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