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Cycle 2 work and freeride weekend HT!!

mumBLE5mumBLE5 Posts: 153
edited October 2008 in MTB buying advice
Right I have a full sus for extreme freeride but i have been using it to cycle to work but its a nightmare in the wet etc.

So I have decided to get a HT through our cycle to work scheme which allows up to 1000 from a couple of shops locally who can pretty much get anything.

I'm looking for a bike that I can get to work on but not a road bike (anything has to be better than the full sus) but a bike that will do for freeride and DJ and a bit or trail riding.

I have looked at the identiti dr jekyll, scott yz 0.5 and the kona cowan and think i may be leaning towards the cowan..

Any reviews on this bike or thoughts of other HT... Don’t have enough for a santa cruze camealien or orange sub zero... :cry:


  • passoutpassout Posts: 4,425
    On-One 456 might suit - takes up to a 140mm fork and has had excellent reviews. A good value frame and they do cycle scheme at On-One/Planet X. Not sure about DJing (not my thing) but it will certainly do the other stuff well.
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  • guillianoguilliano Posts: 5,495
    Commencal Absolut 1 at £900???
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