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Revolution hard case

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Has anyone tried the hard transit case from Edinburgh Bike Coop and is it any good? It is currently on special offer at c. œ98 and a lot cheaper than other hard cases on the market. ... 054m008067


  • kmahonykmahony Posts: 380
    Paid 150 for it a few months back.

    It's very good. Much better than the bag I had before. A bit of a faff the first time I used it (need to remove pedals, seat post and handlebars), but easy after that. Once you get the bike in (in my case a large compact frame) there's loads of room for all other stuff.

    Tip: If you get one, connect the 2 latches in place at the top first, then the ones on the side.

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  • Thanks for that
  • yup agreed, I paid œ150 for the DHB equivalent a few months ago, you have to spend a bit of time figuring out how the bike fits (ditch the wheel bags) as I have a large non compact frame, other than that is a good box

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  • TakoTako Posts: 209
    To those who have one, how are the handles? I'm interested with the current œoffer but after seeing/feeling the rather cheap side handle to pull the case, l don't know. The rest of the case is reassuringly well built but that handle? Anyone know for sure exactly how heavy they are empty?
  • xioxio Posts: 212
    13.5kg empty. I've got the Monoc one (which is the same case but with a velcro strap and a depressingly more expensive price tag). The handle looks a bit shaky, but it's never given me any problems.
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