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  • Just read this post. I have a meta 5.2. I had the problems with the rear QR skewer - thought it was just me but obviously a common thing - bent rear mech hanger and reqd new rear mech - great! Also, frame is soooooo short, but it does ride well.

    I've just taken the bike back to get BB sorted, needed regreasing but first ride out and free hub is spinning - both ways!! I think both these indicate too many wet rides or girlfriend not heeding advice with pressure washer! However, I have dissassembled rear hub and can't get any info on how to remove free hub, any ideas or pointers as to who might know? I live 90miles away from Merlin where I bought it and don't wanna go back, all LBS are toilet.

    I just want to ride my bike.....
  • 90 miles in which direction? Edinburgh Cycles in Leeds and JD Cycles in Ilkley do Metas.
  • I am about 45 miles south of EBC in Newcastle although they don't fill me with confidence. Are EBC Leeds or JD any good do you know? I am taking it to Bikescene in Guisborough on my way to Dalby on Saturday now, but for future reference i'd be interested to know.
  • Gavin CGavin C Posts: 57
    Anyone know of Commencal dealers around Uxbridge (West London to Reading range)
    Looking to try a 5.5.1 but cant see any up for sale/ demo
    Got an Orange 5 demo and Heckler so wondering whether to fit the Commencal in our just make my mind up

  • Fatbob I bought my 5.5.1 from J D Cycles in Ilkley and they have always been very good with me. They have stocked Commencals for quite a while now and even let me test their Meta 5.2 for 3 days last year in rain (and snow!) while I was making up my mind whether to go full-suss and if so what to go for! They've kept my old Orange P7 going for years despite total abuse and they've already dealt with a couple of warranty issues on the 5.5.1 (something to do with the Formula Oro brake and a dodgy X-9 shifter). If you are south of Newcastle by 40 miles it is probably less than an hour to JDs down the A1 and across by Knaresborough/Harrogate road. Once you get to know them they'll give you a good discount too.
  • Sounds good. Went to Bike Scene in Guisborough on Saturday and they were very helpful, I wasn't after any work doing as I ended up replacing the wheel as all bearings were shot and some damaged spokes. I am now going to dissassemble the freehub myself.
    I will give JD cycles a look next time as it sounds closer than Guisborough and they do Commencals.
  • I see MBR have a review of the 5.5.1 in this month's mag. Not a fantastically informative review (not as informative as this thread to be sure, to be sure) but they give it a 10 out of 10.
  • mrjieymrjiey Posts: 55
    How much do all your Commencal's wiegh? and what upgrades have you made to them?
  • I have a large 5.5.1 with light pedals and according to my scales it weighs just under 28lbs. MBR says theirs weighed just over 28lbs without pedals so either they had a very large frame or my scales are slightly out.
  • jon protherojon prothero Posts: 469
    I got a small framed 5.5.1. Commencal claim the meduim is around 27.6 pounds so I guess mines around that mark. I am in the process of changing to a 90m stem and a different set of bars. Not that there are anything wrong with the ones on there I just what a slightly different postioning to get up those hills while trying not to comprimise the 5.5s great down hill performance!
  • GYPGYP Posts: 151
    Just going to pick my meta 5.5 team up today.Pikes on the front.XTR bits and bobs will post a pic and spec details soon.JD cycles are a great bunch .The lads from the shop let me borrow thier team bikes to check fits cos i couldn't make up my mind.Meta's always get top mark every buike test.Well planted on the rear and glued to the ground.Very low bottom bracket though and this can and does catch you out if you don't ride pedals level through the rough stuff.
  • Yes you do need to watch the pedals however I've found I hit them less now I am a bit more familiar with the bike. What I really need now is to learn how to jump properly so I can avoid larger obstacles!
  • Col - and dazzling!
  • I meant "cool" of course - gungy wireless keyboard doesn't like it if you type too fast.
  • ******** - my front brake really isn't working proper at all. Just got no bite and it gets worse the hotter it gets. Do people think this is cos it's got air in the system?
  • jon protherojon prothero Posts: 469
    Same happened to mine the organic pads at the front seem to wear down real fast. This might be what it is!
  • Pads look ok, feels more like air in the system. They did feel a bit under-powered when I got them back from the dealer after breaking them and I thought maybe they'd put new pads in but now I think its that they weren't bled. I've looked on Formula Oros website and got detailed info on how to bleed them and it looks bleedin' fiddly! In fact you need a special kit and I'm not sure where to get that from - any ideas anyone?
  • jon protherojon prothero Posts: 469
    I'll probalily need one of those bleeding things! Oh why can't things be as simple a when I had my fully rigid? Can you point me to that bleeding link?
  • The LBS told me they did put new pads in and the brakes had been bled when they were sent back to the UK distributor for repair so it seems it must be that I haven't got these new pads fully bedded in yet. Need to do some miles......
  • jon protherojon prothero Posts: 469
    Thanks for letting me know!
  • Well we clocked another 25 miles and 2530ft of ascent last night, a third of it in the dark in the middle of a thunderstorm. When you're on the only bit of metal on top of the moor surrounded by lightning flashes things get a little worrying. Apart from that the brakes seemed to work to order and the bike continued to be awesome on fast downhills - that Roman Road from Addingham to Skipton is what the Meta's made for! Bloooody marvellous. Though that man on his Heckler did harry me rather.
  • Well I think I've worked out this flickr business so here is a pic of how she was....[email protected]
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