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  • PS; How do I add a photo of my bike? sORRY i'M NOT TOO TECHY?
  • Dr U IdhDr U Idh Posts: 324
    Have you got a photo hosted somewhere??

    You just need to type in the web address of the photo

    If you don't have one hosted, email it to me and I'll do it for you.

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  • Father faff have you had a go of locking out your back sus?. I often do it! It in a sence becomes a hard tail then.

    PS, Just as I was thinking this bikes real apptitude was decending but I was really delighted with the success I had in getting up some of the rocky and dusty climbs at cwm carn. I do agree with father faff that the tires are quite slow on the flat though. Let us know if you find something that grips and speeds along!
  • Dr U IdhDr U Idh Posts: 324
    Mine has the RP3 - no lockout. Can't say it ever bothers me. I just have the propedal set in the middle position and leave it.

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  • I have not got the middle option but I have heard this works fine!
  • Jon - there is no lockout on the rear RP2 shock that I am aware of. It has a "hard" rear setting (lever to the right) and a "soft" rear setting (lever to the left). I was told you should set up about an inch of sag on the "hard" setting and generally ride it in that and only switch to the "soft" setting when you need it (presumably on rough stuff or where you need a lot of traction?) though I have to say I've not bothered with the "soft" setting so far. Does anyone know any different?

    Dr Udi I tried to send you a pic of my bike but maybe the pcture attachment was too big? Did it come thorugh?
  • Yeah your right father, Sorry - the pro pedal postion its not total lockout its just alot stiffer. So stiff on my bike infact, I did mistake it for lockout. Thanks for pointing this out![:I]
  • Dr U IdhDr U Idh Posts: 324
    FF - nae fotie!!

    Shouldn't be any problem at my end.

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  • hilts100hilts100 Posts: 10
    Thinking of getting the 5.5.2 just wondered if anybody knows how much difference the fox float r is compared to the RP2 on the 5.5.1 and having no lockout on the front forks ?
  • You are going to have a less options like I do when someone has a RP3. It worth knowing though that many people don't always like multi optional complicated settings and like to keep life simpler where it is far easier to dial in usable settings and get riding.
  • Hows the bike been going Father!
  • Well I haven't broken any more bits on it which is an achievement. I've only fallen off on soft ground which would explain it. I had thought I might come off a full-susser less than I used to on my hardtail but in fact all that happens is that you can push the boundaries further before you fall off! I had thought with Fox Float shocks on I might be able to float over those peaty holes you get round Ilkley Moor but no such luck. I don't suppose my weight helps either (horribly close to 14 stone). So while I can tail the fastest man in our group of night riders on rocky downhills (Mr Heckler) he has this neat trick of riding over a boggy hole at critical moments and I am despatched over the handlebars as my wheel sinks (he's lighter than me...and has better technique). On the uphills I'm struggling a bit but as the other Meta 5 in our group is usually at the front on the uphills I suspect this is down to my current fitness and fatness levels rather than any problem with the bike. I have tried the soft setting a bit more on the rear shock and while I find it difficult to get used to the much squidgier feeling it does have its benefits where you want to keep the back wheel on the ground and get maximum traction. The gap between the "hard" setting and the "soft" setting seems quite large to me and I could do with something in the middle! Anyway I'll keep experimenting as there are so many permutations with these darn shocks. The worst thing though is my nice shiney bike is beginning to look a bit beaten up!
  • Oh and I've already gone through the rubber on the ends of each bar. What grips should I replace them with - preferably with a hard end?! I hear things about OKIs?
  • I stuck a set of crane creek lock ons on mine, expensive but I find them excellent! Lock on ODI grips are supposed to be really good as well.
  • parkpreparkpre Posts: 32
    <blockquote id="quote"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" id="quote">quote:<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"><i>Originally posted by papasmurf</i>

    My Thomson gets stuck if you lower it to far, I think the seat tube gets narrower.

    GT Avalanche 3
    <hr height="1" noshade id="quote"></blockquote id="quote"></font id="quote">

    Just read this entry- are you referring to seat tube on Commencal? If so, myself and Father Faff are discussing a small dent, several cms long on the rear lower side of the seat tube (i.e. the side facing the swing arm)- this dent looks deliberate on my bike (as the paints perfect & the bikes brand new)- any chance you can check yours and see what you find- also, let us know the frame size pls, as I think this only appears on large and extra large frames. Cheers
  • papasmurf.papasmurf. Posts: 2,382
    yeah thats the small dent..just been on the other thread, mines a large.

    father faff, also gone through the grip ends, though it seems this is from them rubbing against the g/f bike on the roof rack. gone get ODI extreme lock ons.

    GT Avalanche 3
  • parkpre I looked on my 5.5.did not see anything, it is a small frame!
  • Speaking of roof rack bars my Meta will not fit on Thule 591s or the cheaper Thules securely. They aren't too bad on a friends Fapas but the downtupe holder pinches the brake hose and cables. Has anyone found a roof rack holder that fits the Commencal's odd frame securely yet????
  • Well my LBS dealer tells me that my broken Formula Oro brake is awaiting a few parts but that there is in fact a bit of a flaw with some of them which Formula Oro will fix under warranty. Apparently my one has this problem - something to do with a plastic caliper swelling but it's all a bit vague so I can't really tell you more. I suppose if you do have any brake problems it could be down to this.
  • Don't you just hate it when you try and jump a rocky ditch and your feet come out of your SPDs and the bike goes down and you go up. Anyway I hurt.

    The bike has been pretty well behaved recently though I do need to get it set up better on the suspension settings. Only downside is that that bloody front mech cable came off again today. Not sure why it keeps doing it - anyone got any bright ideas?
  • Dr U IdhDr U Idh Posts: 324
    Did it come off the little wheel/pivot?? Mine did that once - the bike was relatively new and I think I caught a branch in there.

    (a) if the cable has stretched a little, there may now be enough "play" to let it slip off. Either that, or there's play being introduced by a dirty/sticky cable (you release cable at the shifter end, but the spring struggles to fully move the DR). I've heard that a zip-tie over the cable at that point will keep it on. I didn't bother and it's not happened since.

    (b) to avoid the branch/DR issue, I created a little mudguard which sits in the swing-arm area, protecting the whole DR from stick/mud ingress.

    Any of that make sense??

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  • SuggySuggy Posts: 1

    New here but own a 5.5.1 so thought I would share my views.

    I've been really impressed with the bike as a whole and only made a few changes to the bike to suit me (Bars, grips, saddle and a bash guard).
    It has replaced a Mongoose Teocalli and an Orange 5 and so far it's been great (1 month old, taken down to Afan last week), with no mechanicals other than a bit of a creek from the cranks.

    One slight problem: It's a small and as such the dials on the top of the forks catches the frame (hose mounts) when the bars spin round. No problem yet but it could become costly in the event of a big crash. jon prothero, is yours small? Same problem?

    Oh, and because it's a small, you dont get that lovely shaped top tube/seat tube bit - purely cosmetic but a shame.

    P.S. Father Faff - I'm a fellow West Yorkshireman, if I see you on the trail on the Meta, I'll give you a knowing nod :-)
  • Dr U Idh thanks for advice. The changing at the front is completely hopeless now (having been okay for a few rides) - I'm really not sure what is going wrong whether it's the cable the SRAM X9 changer or the XT mech or the way it's been set up. The cable jumping off only seems to happen on the road which is a bit odd! But the changing seems to be very sensitive to something. Last night I couldn't change out of the middle ring up or down at one point!

    Anyway apart from that the bike continues to push the boundaries of my riding to areas I hadn't thought possible and really is a joy to ride on twisty, rocky singletrack and anything downhill. The climbing is getting easier as I get fitter too. In the last week I've managed to get out every other day so am clocking up some miles. Because I've currently got bruised ribs from the ditch-jumping incident I've been using the "soft" setting a lot and it really does make a significant difference on rocky uphills and technical downhills. At some point I'll try and sort this suspension set up scientifically but at the moment I'm just enjoying riding.

    Having been a little doubtful about full-sussers before now I can really appreciate the advantages now and, apart from the obvious performance advantages, a major one, at my age, is that you don't feel completely battered after a ride that is anything more than slightly bumpy! In fact so far the comfort has been superb and even my dodgy back has felt no discomfort. Result.
  • Dr U IdhDr U Idh Posts: 324
    <blockquote id="quote"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" id="quote">quote:<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"><i>Originally posted by Father Faff</i>

    The changing at the front is completely hopeless now (having been okay for a few rides) - I'm really not sure what is going wrong whether it's the cable the SRAM X9 changer or the XT mech or the way it's been set up. The cable jumping off only seems to happen on the road which is a bit odd! But the changing seems to be very sensitive to something. Last night I couldn't change out of the middle ring up or down at one point!
    <hr height="1" noshade id="quote"></blockquote id="quote"></font id="quote">

    Is it just too stiff to move when you try to change "against" the spring? If so, it sounds like dirty cables. Try cleaning them. If that doesn't work, it's new cable time - in which case I'd recommend XTR.

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  • DigbyDigby Posts: 17
  • Dr U IdhDr U Idh Posts: 324


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  • It seems the SRAM x-9 shifter may have been the problem as it stopped working properly so my LBS has replaced it under warranty. My front Formula Oro is also back duly repaired.

    I haven't had a chance to ride yet so I'll report back in due course though a quick test round the car park suggested the shifting was working well and the front brakes feel terrible! - hopefully it's just that they've put new pads in and they need running in rather than there's air in the system.

    PS: How long are people getting out of their pads?
  • Oh and another question. The Maxxis High Rollers are good confidence inspiring tyres but slow rollers. Can anyone suggest a good "summer" tyre that's fast and reasonably grippy? On a typical ride I'll be doing some road, some smooth track, some very rocky Lakeland/Dales type track, some small jumps, drop-offs, etc, lots of up and down, fast downhills. Occassionally there's a moorland bog to cross but they tend to dry out in the summer so I'm not greatly worried about grip in mud. Very few woody, tree-rutey type trails.
  • papasmurf.papasmurf. Posts: 2,382
    My front break pads on the way out but its put in fair service since Feb, gonna change the 160 rotor to 180 shortly so hopefully get some more stopping power.

    I'm using Cinders on mine at the moment, but once this rain passes and it drys up again I'm gonna go either with cinder up front and a razer xc at back or try the nobbly nick racing ralph combo.

    GT Avalanche 3
  • Managed to get out for a good ride tonight - front shifter working perfectly so far despite some nasty peat bogs to get through!Renovated front brake also seems to be biting a bit better now so it seems there must be new pads in. The lever does seem to pull back a bit further than originally though - does anyone know if this can be adjusted?
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