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jcbikerjcbiker Posts: 823
edited December 2004 in The Crudcatcher
why why why why did you clear all the posts. i've been on holiday, just got back to check the forum and, omg none of my posts are still here. get it rite mbuk. oh and if its meant to speend up the forum. ITS NO FASTER THEN IT WAS!!!!!!!!!1111111ONEONEONE

sorry if i type in "txt" i cant help it sometimes if i am typing fast
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sorry if i type in "txt" i cant help it sometimes if i am typing fast
pinkbike stuff


  • Scott_88Scott_88 Posts: 1,435
    calm down if you have a look around, it was not meant to happen it just did. look around and you will find loadsa posts about it. check sanbox, th etopic which says it was me or something like that.

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  • DahnHillaDahnHilla Posts: 2,917
    they were all deleated by Mike, so try looking around instead of posting stupid, dumb random topics.

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