Latest advice on training after covid?

Got covid for the second time 3 or 4 days ago (first time was 10 months ago).

I basically just have very mild cold symptoms and otherwise feel 100% fine.

Last time I had 2 or 3 days of fever before the mild cold symptoms - this time no fever at all. Last time I pretty much felt fine after 4 or 5 days but tested positive on LFTs for over two weeks. I was very careful going back to exercise, nothing for 10 days or so and then gradually ramping it up on the trainer, keeping below 70% FTP for ages, etc. I didn't get the feeling that covid had affected my fitness at all, other than by keeping me from training...

What's the latest advice? I have plenty of energy and if it wasn't for the worry of triggering long covid or whatever I'd be back riding tomorrow... What does it mean if you recover quickly from covid and have mild symptoms, but test postive on LFTs for longer than most people do?


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    Go out for an easy pedal and see how you feel after and/or the next day?
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    As someone who has had long covid since a positive almost a year ago, I'd suggest return to any exercise cautiously, see how your body responds to no more than heart rate zone 2.
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    Yeah, I suppose being careful at first and listening to your body is the way to go.

    I do know a couple of people with long covid, hence the caution.