Tour de France 2024

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Stages 20 and 21 have been announced today.
Stage 21 will be a time trial from Manaco to Nice over the Col d'Eze, with probably the same descent as yesterday's last stage of Paris-Nice.
Stage 20 is a mountain stage over the Cols de Braus, Turini, Colmiane and finishing atop the Couillole.


  • daniel_b
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    I don't suppose this will give any clues as to L'Etape 2024?
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  • kingstongraham
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    Stage 20 fits all that into 132km - 4,400m climbing.
  • Was suggested on The Cycling Podcast that now the tradition has been broken, the finish could be held outside Paris every 4 years or something
  • rick_chasey
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    I wouldn't mind that to be honest.

    I'm not especially invested in the Paris finish. I get the tradition aspect but it is *so* similar each year that I do struggle to be very interested.
  • Mad_Malx
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    I thought that pedestrianising the champs (or something) was going to a problem anyway
  • DeVlaeminck
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    On balance I think I'd keep the Champs finish every year if possible. If they move it does the last stage then become just another flat sprint stage ? Does it become a competitive mountain stage ? They've got 3 weeks to fit those in and if it stays as a ceremonial stage with a sprint is there anywhere better than the centre of Paris?

    Of course if they were to say the final stage every year was the full route of Paris Roubaix I'd be all in.
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  • Pross
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    Agreed that unless they decide they want the final stage to be a fully competitive stage where things can still change then they should keep the traditional Paris finish. The other two GTs just lack that big, celebratory finish for me whereas the Champs finish is special. It also keeps the sprinters interested in getting through the mountains, I'm not sure winning the final stage sprint on the main street in Lyon would be enough to encourage them to drag themselves over the climbs day after day.
  • kingstongraham
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    I don't think it's realistic to have people trickling over the line for 40 minutes at the top of a mountain when you want to have a big presentation ceremony afterwards.