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Mavic Ksyrium Elite UST rear hub servicing. (& maybe bearings

OK, cassette & disc rotor off & end caps pulled off the axle. There is now just a 1ppr0x 10mm through hole in the axle, no nuts to undo, no 5mm allen key bolts or anything. All Youtube videos I've found refer to one or other of above, but it seems I don't have either!
Any clues as to how to pull off the free-hub? But might get it pro serviced anyway as bearings a bit rough too. 🙁
Wheels were new in Jan 2021 and done around 2300 miles, mainly winter (summer bike comes out later)😀
Any advice welcome.

PS: Can I add photos here?


  • nivniv Posts: 14
    OOPS, wrong forum, now posted in Workshop.
    Is there a way to delete this? Not obvious.
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