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Full 9270 groupset for a new bike - anything I may have not considered?

daniel_bdaniel_b Posts: 10,346
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Evening all,

as some of you may know, I bought a new 2021 Scott Addict RC30 last year from Hargroves cycles - it comes with Ultegra R8000, but I have yet to ride it, as my CR1 is still going strong, and my brother, who I was going to gift the CR1 to, is not currently in a position to accept it.

I have bought new wheels (Spokesman handbuilt), and integrated bars/stem, XCR rotors, Look titanium pedals for it, which await fitting.

I'd always bought the bike with the idea of making it (within reason) as light as possible, as the CR1 is a whisker over 7kg, I was hoping to get to early 7s or even lower.

The main thing left to change is the groupset - and as luck would have it, my C2W limit has just gone up to £4000, AND my LBS has ordered some of these groupsets in, AND accepts the vouchers - which is a mahoosive win, as it will save me in the region of £1400.

I'm planning to go for a 52/36, with an 11-34 at the rear, and 172.5 cranks.

Having seen the Shane Miller review of this latest power chainset still not reading accurately, I'm going to avoid that, and probably look (partly for lightness) to go for a 4iiii crank as and when they become available.

My other part of the plan, as the RC30 is unridden, will be to sell on the R8000 groupset, as it will basically be new, and would assume I'll be able to get something in the region of £700-800 for it, does that sound about right?

I'll also spec a press fit bottom bracket, as that is what the frame takes, but I just wanted to check I wasn't missing anything obvious?

I have considered SRAM, but I've had a mechanical groupset, and haven't been massively impressed by it, where as I have generally had positive experiences with Shimano.

I also appreciate DA is a massive extravagance, and probably the only reason I am doing so is that the Foil I bought at 33% off happened to come with it, and it is a groupset that I don't honestly think I would have appreciated until I experienced it first hand.

I'm aware the latest Ultegra is probably 99% as good as DA, and probably only a handful of grams heavier.

Additionally, this Addict will be a bike I will potentially never sell, it's the colour I want, a frame shape and design I love, and with the carbon bars/stem, new super light wheels, and this groupset, it will be 'my' superbike.
Chances are I'll probably get the frame clear wrapped as well, as it has some matt parts on it which can mark up easier that is ideal.

Anyway, I digress - is there anything I have missed, or overlooked with regards to the groupset for the Addict RC?

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