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tuesday and gypsies' fingernails are growing back again



  • Where are the MFs?

    A mystery. Sent them a message a while ago, unanswered as yet. Has been logged in though.
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    Recall a good bit of Aussie Kiwi banter. Kiwi explained that every New Zealander that moved to Australia raised the average IQ in both countries. The Aussie hit back with the point that they only filmed Lord of the Rings in New Zealand because they didn't have to put any make up on the extras :)
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    pinno said:

    pinno said:


    It was a kiwi colleague who called me a cross between bun and bin, sat out on her censored in the evening, and liked to watch nutflux.
    Yeah. I met a guy once and I couldn't pin his accent.
    His excuse was that as he had been in the UK for a while it wasn't as accentuated.

    He said "You should know the difference between a Kiwi and a Wallaby - an Englishman says 'sex, fish and chips', a Wallaby says 'six, fish and chips' and a Kiwi says 'sux, fush and chups'.
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