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Looking for a new bike, narrowed down to a couple

As per the title really, looking for a new road bike, what with local stock issues (lack of) and being a non driver I'm reliant on geo charts to a degree, however I have swung a leg over a few...

Had a medium TCR Advanced 2 and a 1 (got the 1 as a result of the 2 being written off in road accident). Always felt the medium was a tad big and put a (from memory) 10mm shorter stem. Sold the TCR and got...

An allez elite size 52 - felt spot on all round. Anyway, sold this as thought I'd give up cycling, but the minute it had gone I instantly regretted it - hey ho.

So here I am looking for a new bike.

My budget is an absolute maximum £1500 no more at all and ideally less if poss. I'm by no means a racer and much prefer the more relaxed/upright endurance based geos as get on with these better.

I've been looking for a couple of weeks now and after much deliberation I think I'm set on the cannonsdale synapse 105 (£1400/£1500) in a size 51 - comparing the geos to the allez the sizes are only a few mm different and the next size up would be much to big.

Anything else out there for up to the same budget but would offer more in terms of VFM?

Riding... 20/30 mile rides in summer and on road only. Had considered a gravel but severely doubt I'd ever go on tracks etc with it.



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