Rear Cassette 11-42t with a Deore 10 speed Shadow Plus

I have a Calibre Bossnut with a chainset of 22-36 and a rear cassette 11-36T

I want to put a 11-42T on the rear cassette is this possible with this rear derailuer?

I have also been thinking of replacing the Chainset with a single front Chainset but not sure what would work with that derailuer.

So my questions are;

Will a 11-42 or 11-46 work with a Deore derailuer.

And If I replace but cassette and Chainset what could I use. Thanks.



  • reaperactual
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    Hi Mike. There are two types of Deore 10speed derailleur. Maybe you can find your bike spec. and it might state which version you have?

    One is a long cage (SGS) which is likely (but not guaranteed) the one you have fitted with with your specific (22-36/11-36) 2x10 set up.

    ^ This one states a max low sprocket capacity of 36t (as in the biggest low cog it is recomended to handle), this can be pushed a little but doubt to a 42t cog without needing a derailleur hanger extender.

    The other version is a medium cage (GS) which is more suitable for 1x which will happily take an 11-42 cassette.

    Any 1x crankset or narrow/wide (preferably a 10speed) chainring would be okay to use with either clutched derailleur. Your drivetrain capacity figure is reduced a lot going from 2x to 1x because there is no need to factor in the (14t) difference between the current two front chainrings, hence the medium cage (GS) would be a little better for shifting performance, etc on a 1x set up.

  • mully79
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    I think Shimano's spec sheet is incorrect.
    Longer cage deraileurs can take up more chain so are more suitable. The medium cage might be pushing it at 11 - 42.
    I run 10 speed SLX long cage on a deore 11- 40 cassette with no probs.