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Winter gravel tyres for muddy UK conditions - 700c

Had a quick search through the forum & couldn't see anything on it, so thought I'd just ask now.

Has anyone got any recommendations for a 700c gravel tyre for typical UK winter slop? Soil round my way can get a bit of clay in there which doesn't help matters, max clearance is around 45mm.

Am I better off going for a CX tyre for the really muddy days?


  • whyamiherewhyamihere Posts: 7,631
    CX tyres are probably the way to go. You want to make sure you have a decent amount of room around the tyre for mud clearance, otherwise you'll be stopping every 5 minutes to clear it so that your tyres can actually spin, so a 35mm tyre will be far better than a 45mm tyre. A mud tread may be the right way to go, but you have almost limitless options.
  • 33mm X One Bite is supposed to be decent.
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  • I can give no comparison as whilst I bought a cross frame I stuck road wheels on it initially. I did my first off-road ride with new Fulcrum Red's two weeks ago. It was in the Surrey woods and it was mostly sludge, a foot of it. It took me three washes to get it off my bike and me.

    I bought Hutinson Tourag's 40mm. They seemed to cope just as well as anyone else and there was a fair selection of cross and off-road tyres. They felt comfy on the roads and are apparently although designed for 'gravel', not English mud generated by two weeks of constant downpours they were as good as I think you could do.

    I checked reviews and they seem not to get the best write-up's. But hey, I'm happy.
  • secretsamsecretsam Posts: 4,988
    LOL I have same issue, my Gravelking SKs are great on chalky Chiltern trails, but a real handful on mud.

    It's just a hill. Get over it.
  • I’ve gone with the Terravail Rutland 38mm, seem to grip well in mud & roll pretty well on the tarmac
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 11,453
    Currently using smart sams on my cyclocross bike for local gravel and mud trails. Solid centre band helps when going travelling to and from these trails when on the road.
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  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 11,988
    Smart Sams are a good choice, as are Conti Race King - both are decent for light off road, while offering adequate road performance..
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