Winter gravel tyres for muddy UK conditions - 700c

Had a quick search through the forum & couldn't see anything on it, so thought I'd just ask now.

Has anyone got any recommendations for a 700c gravel tyre for typical UK winter slop? Soil round my way can get a bit of clay in there which doesn't help matters, max clearance is around 45mm.

Am I better off going for a CX tyre for the really muddy days?


  • whyamihere
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    CX tyres are probably the way to go. You want to make sure you have a decent amount of room around the tyre for mud clearance, otherwise you'll be stopping every 5 minutes to clear it so that your tyres can actually spin, so a 35mm tyre will be far better than a 45mm tyre. A mud tread may be the right way to go, but you have almost limitless options.
  • 33mm X One Bite is supposed to be decent.
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  • I can give no comparison as whilst I bought a cross frame I stuck road wheels on it initially. I did my first off-road ride with new Fulcrum Red's two weeks ago. It was in the Surrey woods and it was mostly sludge, a foot of it. It took me three washes to get it off my bike and me.

    I bought Hutinson Tourag's 40mm. They seemed to cope just as well as anyone else and there was a fair selection of cross and off-road tyres. They felt comfy on the roads and are apparently although designed for 'gravel', not English mud generated by two weeks of constant downpours they were as good as I think you could do.

    I checked reviews and they seem not to get the best write-up's. But hey, I'm happy.
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    LOL I have same issue, my Gravelking SKs are great on chalky Chiltern trails, but a real handful on mud.

    It's just a hill. Get over it.
  • I’ve gone with the Terravail Rutland 38mm, seem to grip well in mud & roll pretty well on the tarmac
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    Smart Sams are a good choice, as are Conti Race King - both are decent for light off road, while offering adequate road performance..