Reduction in FTP

Hi all.
I have a query relating to possible reasons why my FTP score has recently reduced by 15...according to a Zwift ramp test.
I've recently returned from 3 weeks cycling in Majorca where I did quite a few rides including some long hard ones (for me).
I genuinely felt I was getting stronger whilst group cycling out there, fitter and on getting home, after a day or two off the bike, I jumped on zwift, excited to do a ramp test. I wanted to see if there was any increase in my FTP. To my dismay, even before finishing the test, I could see I wasnt even going to equal my previous ramp score test and the final result came in at 15 lower.
The only reason I can come up wirh is that it's likely to be fatigue, accumulated over those last 3 weeks of cycling.
Any other thoughts?


  • On the standard Zwift ramp test, a 15W reduction means you quit the test one 1min 20W interval earlier than last time, if my fuzzy head is working ok. From my experience, that's nothing to worry about, especially if you did a lot more riding than normal in Majorca regardless of power.
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  • Appreciate the reply. Thanks.