Measuring saddle tilt

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I've got hold of an SMP saddle that I've yet to fit. Is there an (free) app that would allow me to determine the tilt on that (presumably by putting a ruler or similar on top as they are quite a weird shape)?




  • jimbohorizontal
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    I use Bubble Level Meter 3D.

    And a hard back book.
  • singleton
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    My iPhone has one built in as standard, not sure about Android.
    It's one of the capabilities in the measure app.
  • MattFalle
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    hard back book

    small spirit level from B&Q for a pound
    The camera down the willy isn't anything like as bad as it sounds.
  • First.Aspect
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    Use your phone.

    It is hardly an exact science though. I use trial and error.
  • Mad_Malx
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    Nudge up or down until it's right.
    In my experience different saddles need diff tilt, depending on padding, shape and bike .
  • mr.b-campag
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    Ok thanks. I just think SMPs might require a bit more precision, will see if I can get on with the bubble level meter app in the first instance.
  • N0bodyOfTheGoat
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    I've had Saddle Adjust app installed for several years, does as it says on the tin.

    The common issue is that different saddle models talk about referencing different parts of the saddle top to get flat/ slightly up/ slightly down.
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  • I've got an smp and you are right about the unusual shape. Very comfortable for me though.
    I find because of the raised rear you have to set it so it looks like it is tilted down at the front slightly for it to be level , if that makes sense. I gave up with the spirit level and did it by eye and trail and error
  • First.Aspect
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    If you had ridden round the block for 20 mins with the right sized of Allen key to hand, it would be all sorted by now.
  • Dial-it in til you're happy, then use the book/ flat top and a spirit level (I use an Android app also), to measure the angle to replicate on other bikes/ saddles (assuming you have multiple bikes you are using same saddle).
  • Wheelspinner
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    I use SMP - only the Composit model - and yes they are *very* critical for saddle tilt. Have one on 4 different bikes and I suspect they are all different setup angles to each other.

    Just go riding and take tools to adjust. I found on all of them that even a tiny tweak in position made the difference between a bit irritating to perfect comfort.

    To look at they appear more nose UP than anything.

    Read this for help?
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  • mr.b-campag
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    Wheelspinner I suspect it just looks up, because the way they're designed is, in part I think, to ensure a consistent saddle height as you move forward onto the nose. Thanks for the link, I had in mind to go back to that.

    PL2 that's a really good idea to measure it once I get it right so it can be replicated on my other bike(s).