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Rude cyclist who seem to think they are Pros and ignore you



  • ..sure many guys are great, friendly and helpful. But I cant help but notice there are a great deal of utter nobs when it comes to cycling - forgive my tone. I said hello on my 30 mile ride earlier to about 20 cyclists who were pottering along and never even said hello back or in any way acknowledged my wave to a fellow cyclist. Other did of course. Couple of mates say likewise.

    Rude people and I suppose they are in all walks of life.

    I don't bother nodding, waving or saying anything to any cyclist unless they initiate it. There's far too many in a city the size of Toronto.

    That being said, there's a heap of assholes out there who need to be taught how to ride a bike. They're dangerous, and totally disrespectful as to who's around them.

    I see this totally disrespectful and dangerous behaviour on paved bike trails where all manner and capability of cyclists, sometimes roller bladers, scooters and pedestrians congregate for some exercise. I wish there was a totally 100% dedicated bike path system in the city but there isn't. They're considered multi-use.

    Seeing these guys decked out like they practicing for the Tour and basting along at near 40km/hr when clearly restraint is required really pisses me off. I use to race, and I've been into the road bike thing for over forty years. Many of these guys just got on the latest fad and haven't a clue. Some even have the gall to draft you!

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    I wonder if we will ever get a thread with the title:

    "Pain in the bottom cyclists who always want to say hello..."
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