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Looking for a Non-Folding bike with 20inch wheels

Hi, I'm new to cycling and wondered if I could get some help with a question.

I live in a flat and so I'm looking for a bike with 20 inch wheels. I've owned a bike with normal sized wheels in the past but getting it up and down the stairs was difficult and I kept bashing the tyres off the walls by mistake!

All the bikes with 20 inch wheels I've seen so far have been folding bikes but I'm a bit wary of getting one of those incase it snaps! So just wondered if anyone can recommend anything?

Thanks very much


  • bonzo_bananabonzo_banana Posts: 256
    Last non-folding 20" wheel bike I saw was a very cheap ebike from Halfords which at the time was £349 but with pandemic I think it has shot up.

    If you buy a cheap 20" folding bike but never fold it the centre hinge will not wear down as much.

    The hinge on steel frames in my opinion are more long lasting than the aluminium but then it will weigh a bit more.
  • karlmcrkarlmcr Posts: 16
    orbea katu ... If you can find one.

  • Buy a Brompton and I'll mig weld the joint permanently shut
  • elbowlohelbowloh Posts: 5,803
    Just get a folding bike. IT WILL NOT SNAP, unless you buy one made of cheese.

    It will also be much easier to take up and down stairs.
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