Funny pain around heel/ankle - sciatica??

I have noticed a sharp pain around the inside of my ankle/heel/just under my right foot that I can feel at the bottom of the pedal stroke when pushing my heel down.
I also noticed this when putting on shoes/socks bending over.
It feels like something is 'pulling' just in that area, a sharp pain - a bit like if you hit your funny bone in the elbow.
Its only there when i do that stretch or bend over, does not cause pain at other times. No other pain in my leg or back.

I have been having some physio for another issue and asked the physio about it. They has not come across this before but thought it might be sciatica related, although if it was they expected there to be some lower back pain and pain down other parts of the leg.

Just wondering if anyone else has encountered this or have any ideas what it might be?