Cycling with a pacemaker

I have had a pacemaker fitted just last week to correct an AV block. It has been set at 50bpm and the consultant has advised 4/6 weeks recovery. Looking for anyone else's experience when they started riding again.
Thank you.


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    Title drew me in - misunderstood the type of pacemaker. Sorry Herbie I can't help with any personal experience on this topic but I hope you recover well and get back on the bike soon.

    However, my mate did pace me round a 2 hour ride this weekend and made me look good on Strava - which was nice.
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    Been there, done that, in my case second degree type one heart block. I had no problems when I stated riding again and it hasn’t affected my lifestyle much apart from the special procedures at airport security and avoiding too much arm work e.g. I gave up rowing in the gym. My first lasted 11 years and was a simple open up the skin, swap the box, reconnect the leads and stitch the skin back up

    I really don’t notice it in day to day life.

    Don’t forget to tell the DVLA
  • Thank you. Heartening news.
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    Heartening news.

    I see what you did there. Nice.