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Does this chain look saggy to you?



  • johngtijohngti Posts: 2,362
    pblakeney said:

    Bear in mind to size it properly for the 32 tooth, or have separate chains for the trainer and wheel. A chain the fits a 32/11 cassette will work on a 28/11 but not the other way round.

    Will do! Thanks (might get a separate chain for actually riding outdoors - it’s not as if I’ll be constantly swapping them around after all)
  • MattFalleMattFalle Posts: 10,096
    Which is why he can pop a quick link in to extend the chain on the 32 and take it out on the 28 like that MF bloke said further up the thread.
  • pblakeneypblakeney Posts: 19,916
    #doitright 😉
    The above may be fact, or fiction, I may be serious, I may be jesting.
    I am not sure. You have no chance.
    Veronese68 wrote:
    PB is the most sensible person on here.
  • piker2piker2 Posts: 47
    Johngti, Just get on the bike and ride it. Even if you insist on riding little / little when you have a similar gear ratio on the big ring you will not damage anything.
    Ignore MF.
  • johngtijohngti Posts: 2,362
    Oh don't worry, I've been riding it. I was just sitting and admiring it last night and the sagginess offended me. There's enough stuff starting to sag in my life already, don't need my bike adding insult to injury!
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