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Blood Sugar Level

As I have just turned 60 I received a letter from my local health centre about a ‘Wellness Men’s Health Check’ so I thought I would make an appointment. As i was going out on the bike immediately after I had my usual breakfast of porridge with a banana through it. ECG done, lungs checked, blood pressure ok - all good! Went for the blood test and 2 days later get a call from the doctor to say blood sugar was reading 7.5 and he wanted a another fasted test which showed a level of 5 and 5 over three months. My mum died of diabetes related illnesses in her 70s. My question is should I stop taking banana in my porridge to avoid sugar spikes. Sorry for the long post TIA.


  • Short answer, no.

    It's a bit of a myth that type 2 is caused by sugar and sugar in fruit is OK anyway.
    IF you are pre-diabetic, then shedding weight is more important than avoiding sugar. You know if your BMI needs curbing or not...

    That said, if you are prone to high glucose levels after meals, then I would avoid adding sugar to things and of course I would avoid biscuits and cake... brown bread rather than white is a good idea too... brown everything is better than white.

    But I would not go as far as avoiding fruit just yet, unless you are specifically told so by your GP.
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  • Hi Ugo thanks for that. Always eat brown bead and dont eat cake and very rarely biscuits. My GP is happy with the level of 5 which he says is normal. Thanks again always find your input useful!
  • I’m a type one diabetic and while I’m aware non diabetics can go outside this range occasionally I was always told to aim for between 4-7 mmol...your figure is basically perfect.

    Avoid adding sugar is probably best but I basically have the same breakfast (porridge with a banana) as you and it’s fine, far better than other breakfast cereals where I was getting huge spikes after.
  • vegas76vegas76 Posts: 268
    I think you'll find cutting out all carbs and sugar from your diet works well in helping control your blood sugar better.

    Have a look at the keto diet.

  • vegas76 said:

    I think you'll find cutting out all carbs and sugar from your diet works well in helping control your blood sugar better.

    Have a look at the keto diet.

    Don't follow this advice. Keto diet is a way to lose weight rapidly, it's not a healthy lifestyle and as a lifestyle it sucks... trying to put together a decent training session with no sugar in your blood is not fun.
    Carbs are an important part of your diet... better carbs is the answer, not NO carbs
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    Dont look at keto diet as your bs value is ok. Quite often these well man checks are done with best intentions but they dont say turn up normally hydrated or fasted. I failed mine miserably on cholesterol and whilst high it was naturally high and good not bad cholesterol. Doc did a full blood test rather than pin censored test and said he was happy.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
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