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Garmin Edge help - smoothing power

Ive just got my new Edge unit, how do I change the smoothing on the power output? Just getting back into training using power zones and currently its set to average power over 3 seconds - how do I change this? id like it to be longer while I get back into it. Thanks


  • hdowhdow Posts: 153
    Quite easy on the 810, assume similar on yours:
    Press the screen on your Pwr 3s field. When it changes colour release and you will be in the Data Fields options,
    Scroll down to Power & tap on it, then again scroll down to your chosen field 'Power 30 Avg' or whatever & tap on it. This should take you back to your original screen
  • Yeah see what your saying, but im trying to change it for the Workout Data Screen, I.e. when you're out riding, it says Ride in Power Zone 3 (3 seconds avg) for 5 mins. It then shows the graphic of the power zone and the arrow moves accordingly corresponding to your 3 second power. But I can't seem to change this as when I go into the data screen settings, in 'Workout' it only shows 'Reorder Screen' with no ability to change settings of the Workout screen.

    hope that makes sense!?
  • hdowhdow Posts: 153
    Sorry James but not something I've come across
  • ugo.santaluciaugo.santalucia Posts: 25,570
    Which edge unit?

    Power output longer than 3 seconds is a bit laggy and quite useless as you ride
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