Which camera ?

Any up to date recommendations?
Thanks in advance.


  • Depends what you need it for. I brought a chilli bullet, its no way as good as it is shown on the ads. I sent it back.
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    I've tried a few but keep going back to my GoPro.

    Battery life isn't brilliant, I can just about get 2 hours out of mine but if you can live with that there's nothing better IMO.
  • I have an Osmo Action, which having used it for several months, I am very pleased with. I have never tried to take any high resolution video with it though, I just clamp it on it’s (excellent) handlebar camera mount and turn it on. The battery ( I have three) lasts a little under two hours and changing it takes literally seconds. The quality of the video is excellent but my only gripe is that you cannot simply plug a lead into it and download what you’ve taken. You either have to take the SD card out or transfer it via an app to your smartphone, which I don’t possess because there is no signal where I live. If sharing your video onto a smart phone suits you, then you might find it a good choice.
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    Have a read through the post over here, and consider your demands, then come back...
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    thanks for the input...... still researching.
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