Rear wheel Boost axle

Can anyone tell me if a boost axle 148mm will fit on to my felt nine 5 2014 bike , I need a new rear wheel and the wheels i am looking at come with or without boost axle .


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    It's a standard quick release hub that you need. Or a non Boost (142x12 thru axle) hub with a quick release end cap conversion kit.

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    135x10mm normally means QR, but not necessarily, there is a 135x10 thru-axle standard just to confuse everyone. To get the wheel out do you undo a QR lever and the wheel just drops out, or do you have to unscrew and pull an axle out of the wheel before it's released?
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    I took a close look at the skewer nut on this pic:-

    Although I can't make out a slotted dropout the nut itself looks like a standard quick release skewer to me and not the long shot of it being 135x10 thru axle standard.

    Not everyone is confused but maybe the op is now? 😆
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    No, a boost axle will not fit the Felt.
    You need a 135mm qr hub.
    It is clearly stated in the Felt spec sheet HERE. Specs are at the end of the document.

    If there is any doubt just measure the current hub/qr dimensions and go from there.

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