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Pain on inside of knee

This has probably be dicussed elsewhere but thought it quicker to start a new post. As a former runner, I was used to getting all sorts of niggling injuries to achilles, calves, even knees. However, after 12 years of cycling out of nowhere I have suddenly got a pronounced "dead" type pain where the thigh muscle meets in the inside edge of my knee cap. I had to abondon my ride this morning after only a couple of miles. I haven't knocked or banged it all, so am assuming it might be the cycling. When I used to occassionally get knee pain throuhg running, I was advised to stretch the quads by holding that foot behind my backside combined with pushing weights via leg raises/extensions to strengthen the muscle around the knee. Saddle is defintely at right height and aside from falling off! have never had a cycling injury before. Has anyone experienced the same and have any ideas on treatments? Thanks,


  • sungodsungod Posts: 13,446
    there's some general info on knee pain here...

    if it was sudden onset perhaps you simply strained something a bit, easier to do in colder weather before you've warmed up

    generic treatment: rest/ice/compression/elevation
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  • I get a similar pain in the same spot, i saw a physio and turns out i have a minor tear (4mm) in my ligament.

    Lots of stretching and exercises given to me to sort and its getting better, i can now ride with no pain which is always nice.

    Just started easing myself into a bit of treadmill running which is going well so far, however is limited to bouts of ten minutes.

    Go see a physio they will be able to identify and help you resolve the issue.
  • CargobikeCargobike Posts: 748
    Have you changed your cycling shoes or pedals recently?
    Both can have an affect on the bio-mechanics of your body.

    As above, I'd consider seeing a physio first, but also get a bike fit to ensure no long term damage is being done whie on the bike. I suffer occassional knee pain from an old ACL injury quite often when the weather gets colder as it has recently. It usually settles down as the body acclimatises.
  • Robi55Robi55 Posts: 12
    Thanks for the replies everyone. Went to the gym and did some light spinning where I could control the pressure of the cranks and did some weighted leg extensions and, touch wood, felt a bit better this weekend. Have also been icing. Will defintely double cherck bike fit at my local shop before the winter.
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