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Chain Chatter

I have a Trek Domane 400 series with 10 speed Shimano 105 components. I have had it for 4 years and can not get the bike to pedal quietly. It appears to me the chain in rubbing the next biggest cog in the cassette which may be causing the chatter. I have a new Sram PC1051 (5.95mm) chain. One half the width of the chain is 2.97mm. The spacing on the cassette from the cog the chain is on to the next largest cog is 3.57mm. That leaves .6mm of room for the chain which seems far to tight with vibration and rubbing in most gears. Other bikes I look at have more space.

1) Is this within specs?
2) Can I change to a 9 speed cassette with the 105 10 speed which would give the chain more space?
3) Change to 11 speed chain and keep the 10 speed for more space?
3) What other options are there?

Thanks in advance for your help.


  • dj58dj58 Posts: 2,213
    edited October 2020
    1. If all 10sp then should work if set up correctly.
    2. No.
    3. Should not be necessary.
    4. Set the rear derailluer up from scratch, re-index and check the hanger is not bent.

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  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 11,741
    Set up according to dj58 you can also use various YouTube tutorials to assist as well. Chain tension caused by incorrect chain length is common. People buy a new chain without realising they may need to shorten it to suit their bike. Cross chaining when riding as newer riders / not using trim facility or just poor set up. YouTube is a massive database that should assist, be aware some clips aren't the best. Park tools is a good source.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
  • pilot_petepilot_pete Posts: 2,120
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    Sounds like it needs indexing correctly if it is rubbing on the next biggest cog in every gear.

    Firstly, ensure the derailleur hanger is straight - this needs checking with a proper tool, not just eyeballing as even a small bend/ twist not visible to the eye can affect shifting.

    Once the hanger is straight, re-setup the rear derailleur. Loosen the cable off the clamp with the rear derailleur in the smallest sprocket. Pull the cable inner slightly whilst ensuring the shifter is in the highest gear position (to put the derailleur in the smallest cog). Now reclamp the cable inner, ensuring the cable is in the correct position under the clamping nut, with a little tension on the cable.

    Set you high and low end stops to prevent shipping the chain off the smallest cog, or the biggest. Now follow the dealer manual guidance for indexing the shifting - usually by putting the chain on something like the 4th or 5th cog up from the smallest and adjusting cable tension with the adjuster until the chain rubs the next biggest cog, then wind it back half a turn or so until the tinkering noise ceases.

    Now shift up and down ensuring all the gears are selectable and there is no rubbing. Job jobbed.

    This assumes cable inners and outers, hanger, derailleur, chain and jockey wheels are all in good, serviceable condition to start with.

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