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Decent trail bike for an 11 year old

portland_billportland_bill Posts: 287
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Hi all,

The ex-wife reminded me yesterday that I am supposed to be buying a new steed for my son who turns 11 next month, and I'm honestly a little confused by some advice that I've been given.

I bought my 8 year old daughter a Cube Acid 240 earlier in the year, and he's used that a few times, because he only has a BMX at the moment, and although it fits him perfectly right now, I reckon he would outgrow it within a few months, so I asked a couple of LBS for some advice, and they both said he needs to be on a 26" bike.

I'm in the middle of hunting out a new fs enduro for myself, and I really want to get him doing more trails over the next couple of years since he seems to have a good taste for it.

I don't really want to spend over £500 on it since it'll probably be a "stepping stone" bike, but I wondered if anyone has any recommendations.

He's around 35kg and 135cm.




  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 11,735
    Given his size and the fact he will probably shoot up height wise pretty quickly over the next yr or so id go have a look at Decathlons rockriders as an interim bike and get his a decent one once he's gained some height. I had similar issues with my youngest and i got a him a 24" wheeled merida only for his to grow out of it over winter. I managed to get a S 16" boardman hardtail which with the seatpost cut down fitted him ok. He,s 5,9" at 15 and still rides it all be it with a standard seat post now. The other thing you could possibly do is buy a decent 2nd hand 26" bike as an interim. Sadly any bike is at a premium if its in stock. Local kids of 11/12 around me seem to be riding small frame carrera,s and Voodoo,s with 27,5 wheels even though they look to big for them.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
  • Portland_bill i too am looking for a bike for my 10 year old son for xmas

    my son is quite small for his age but after trying him on a few bikes i now know i need a 13" frame (class as a junior frame) but on 26" wheels

    so this is what i would advise you to look at... this is my list

    Voodoo Nzumbi Junior Mountain Bike - 26" Wheel £449
    Orbea MX 40 Mountain Bike 202 £549
    Orbea MX 50 Mountain Bike 2021 £449
    GT Avalanche Sport 29" bike 2021 £549
    GT Aggressor Expert 29" bike 2021 £429
    Cube Aim Pro 27.5 bike 2021 £449
    Cube Aim Race 27.5 bike 2021 £499

    that is my short list but i dont know what has the best spec for the money
  • Legend! Thank you!
  • Frog 72. 26" wheels, 100mm air shock, good quality.

    My son is now 1m52 and 45kg, has been riding his for a year and probably has another year or two of growth in it.

    I have pretty substantially upgraded his but he is now doing some pretty rough stuff on it.
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