Dangerous junction apparently.

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As per the title. At first glance it doesn't look too bad but does anyone know it?



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    You've only got to watch all the cars ignoring the lines just during that 4 minute video to see why it's all going wrong there.
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    Yep, drivers ignoring STOP signs is always going to end badly. But I wonder how many other junctions will be similar in that vehicles approaching from side roads are always going to be approaching from behind the cyclist's view?
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    I don't know it well, but I know of it, Ipley Cross crossroads is a lethal junction for cyclists.

    Think I read there was a recent development to make it safer, after a year or more if deadlock regarding the special preservation order on the grass to the sides of the current road layout.

    It seems to be a combination of vehicles not complying with the stop signs, plus the angle the roads meet, meaning a cyclist could be in the blind a-frame spit on the driver's side as they both approach the junction.
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    Oh yes that's notorious.

    They either need to change it so that it's staggered so you can't go straight over or put some boards up so that drivers can't see if it's clear or not until they are at the junction.

    I'd be very wary cycling past there.
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    It is local to us and I ride past it quite a lot. Also used in the P164 tt course, although as a left turn, so quite safe. Apparently there is a plan to stagger it with a "land swap" from another junction. You cannot lose grazing area in the New Forest.

    If they go ahead with the plan it will make the turn smoother from the tt course point of view B)
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    Sure I've heard of a similar crossing somewhere several years ago - unless maybe it was another article on this same one.
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  • I remember seeing a dead penguin there. No idea how it came to be there.
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    oxoman said:

    Similar to a crossroad near me, it's just after a lot years and lots of stupid car drivers crashing they altered it by opening it up. Did it work, 🤔 no, made it worse. Now considering an island, personally a large counterweight hanging from a crane ready to swipe stupidity out of the way might be best.

    There were a couple of T junctions on the main road to the coast from here at either end of a short bypass that were perfectly fine apart from the occasional idiot/drunk.

    The council decided to change it, initially to traffic lights and there were so many more crashes as a result that they changed it again about 12 months later to two roundabouts which is better than the traffic lights but still causing more accidents than the T junctions.