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Lower leg / shin pain

Been digging about on t'internet and getting not much advice bar shin splints, and as not a runner I question whether can get shin splints through cycling.

Past couple of days have developed this erratic short sharp pulse type pain in lower front right leg, in the front not the calf rear. Comes on sharply, is an ouch, then fades away. Was walking this morning and tried counting the intervals, between 30s and 3 mins. Kept waking me up last night.

No swelling, discolouration etc. Leg looks normal. There's not much muscle on the front of the leg. Strained tendons? The last couple of rides have had big headwind exposure and I was working hard, tired legs feeling afterwards.

I'll get on the ibuprofen to see if takes it away or at least reduces.

Anybody got any idea on what's going on?


  • webboowebboo Posts: 6,077
    How old are you. My mate had similar, saw the physio who queried DVT. He saw several docs and even was prescribed meds but in the end they never really worked out what it was. The pain went away when he eased back the training during all the assessments he was having.
  • orraloonorraloon Posts: 12,337
    How old am I? 😳 Ye gads sah! I'm into my 60s. I saw the refs to DVT but don't have any of the symptoms or criteria bar the age one listed on the NHS website. Is not a throbbing pain, i.e. not regular, quite erratic. E.g. just spent an hour fettling an N, probably noticed it 3-4 times. And it's not a calf pain, is on the front shin area. But yes I will keep close watch just in case any of the DVT signs appear.
  • cossyrushcossyrush Posts: 43
    I had an issue with shin splint type pain when riding a couple of years ago, it was around the time when I was swapping from shimano to look cleats. I guess I didn’t get the new cleats in the correct position, I moved them back a little and that solved the problem.
  • orraloonorraloon Posts: 12,337
    Wee update a week on. Issue has gone away. Thinking it might have been some aggravation on ankle tendons, might have been via bike riding, could well have been something else. Transitory = good 👍
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