Brake Rotor Not Aligning

Hi everyone, my sister purchased an Apollo Evade Mountain Bike from Halfords last week. She has asked me to take a look as the rear wheel is making a rubbing noise. On inspection the rotor is rubbing on the pad. Specifically, it is rubbing against the inner pad. There is an outer pad adjuster.
I have tried adjusting by aligning the caliper which normally works, but in this case, it didnt help.
On further inspection, i can see that the rotor is sitting right up against the inner pad no matter how many adjustments I make. I thought about removing the pads and reseating them but im convinced that there is something Im missing. The rotor looks far too close to the inner pad.
Any advice please?


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    I'm assuming that the brakes are cable operated. If so there should be an adjuster on the static inboard side of the caliper. It will resemble a silver disc with an Allen key fitting in the centre. Unscrew this disc a little and it will back the inboard pad away from the rotor.

    Note:-Back it off as little a possible as too far will effect lever throw and braking power.
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    Unscrew the brake fixing x2 bolts on the frame a little so the whole brake mech moves a little. The press on hard the brake, and whilst the brake is still pressed tighten up the x2 bolts. It will align the break
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    oxoman said:

    Take it back and get the numpties to set it up properly. It shouldn't be like this after a wk.

    Halfords. 💩