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Battaglin C12 Full Carbon Campag Chorus 11 £1,000ovno

So, sadly I need a hip operation and I’m likely years off being able to do much on a bike. So seems daft having two at the moment. Which means my battaglin is up for grabs. I've spent the last few months building it, compiling the items I wanted on it, so it's mostly new gear, as you'll see in the photos NOTHING has been really worked hard.

Battaglin C12 Carbon frame and fork no rattles or anything - odd stone chip to paint here and theree
Fizik 5 saddle
105 pedals
Athena Crank
Record breaks
Chorus 11 chain, shifters, rear mech, cassette, front mech
3t seat post
Deda stem
Calima wheels - Almost brand new
Luggano Tyres - Brand new, never been ridden on
New Tubes just put in (also Schwalbe)

Just been serviced
Brand new wheels and tubes
Brand new grip tape

All items where bought as new or BNIB, or have seen very very light use as you can see from the photos.

The frame has the odd stone clip but nothing a touch up wouldn’t fix
It’s about as close to a brand new bike with a great groupset as you’ll get. It’s a shame to sell it as it love to keep it but my rides are going to be no longer than 20 miles or on a turbo. So it’s a bit overkill for that.

Gutted to sell it as I was looking forward to using it but sadly it’s a way off and with everything that’s going on, I can’t see me having my op for ages

Would prefer buyer to collect as I’d hate it to be wrecked in the post. Based near beccles - suffolk
All questions welcome

£1,000OVNO. This is a cracking bike for the money, it's got to be worth this just for the groupset. So grab a bargain and profit off my injury ahaha.



  • Darius_JedburghDarius_Jedburgh Posts: 675
    Hip operation or not your post breaks all the rules you agreed to when you joined up.
    Have a (another) read of these....
  • sam_h_1984sam_h_1984 Posts: 14
    I think "all the rules" is a little much, I seem to be breaking 1 rule - being post count. Apologies there, will up the posts where I see it possible to make a quality addition. Or perhaps I could add 9 comments to the many other posts in the sale section with far more rules broken?
  • joe_totale-2joe_totale-2 Posts: 1,047
    To help you with your post count, what size is the frame?
  • sam_h_1984sam_h_1984 Posts: 14

    To help you with your post count, what size is the frame?

    appreciate the help :)

    to be honest i'm not sure! It's not listed as a Small/Medium or Large anywhere on the frame.

    I've put some measurements in the photos showing the distance from crank centre to seat post and from stem to seatpost.

    If it helps I would suggest it similar to a 55/56 frame I find I have the saddle higher on this than my bianchi but it's a longer bike i'e not a compact as other brands I've used.

    are you in the market for a new bike?

  • sam_h_1984sam_h_1984 Posts: 14
    based on this:
    I'd suggest it's a large
  • s2_dpds2_dpd Posts: 32
    Nice bike and a well constructed ad

    To help a little further with your post count - is it a Fizik Arione or Antares saddle or something else, can't quite tell from the photo?


  • sam_h_1984sam_h_1984 Posts: 14
    appreciate the help :)

    it's an Antares R5
  • pinnopinno Posts: 39,155
    I know this ad is probably old hat but i've had 2 hip replacements and 2 total hip revisions, i'e 4 total hip replacements and i've never been longer than 8 weeks off the bike.
    So you'll understand why i'm quizzical about the 'years off the bike' unless there's some other physiological problem not mentioned.

    [this will help the post count]
    S -
    W - (still at Atlantic boulevard). Neill broke his collarbone.

    "Why are the tractors beeping in the night? I dunno woss goin' on"
    Tricky, 9yo
  • sam_h_1984sam_h_1984 Posts: 14
    The years being the time it’s going to take to get to the operating table I’m hardly top of the list with all that’s going on.
    I’m happy you recovered well.
  • feltf70feltf70 Posts: 20
    What happened to the pictures?
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