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Failure to follow these rules could result in your access to the classifieds section being restricted, your posts being removed and your being banned from the BikeRadar Forum. Please read and follow the rules carefully

To post an advert in the classifieds group you must be a registered and active user first. This means having 15 quality posts before you may sell anything. This service is a benefit for our community and not a free alternative to paid for trading sites.

The Classified Pages is a free service offered by BikeRadar for sale of bikes and bike related items only. BikeRadar are not responsible for any issues relating to goods not received or money not paid, you are using this section of the forum to sell and buy items, should any problems arise the forumites will be happy to help but you buy and sell at your own risk.

1.) Do not ask buyers to use PayPal Gift, please just use normal PayPal. There is no comeback on PayPal gift. It may be a red flag if a seller asks you to pay in this way so please report. We have had problems in the past, even with people who have hundreds of posts and been on here for 5 years!

2.) Ebay sales are allowed but only in the Ebay listings forum (please remember accepting an offer on an item after it has been listed on Ebay is not permitted under Ebays rules see

3.) All other adverts must include all of the following:
- Photos - or at least a link to a hosting site. No links to manufacturer websites, as we want to see the condition of the actual goods for sale.
- Price (Unless your item is in an eBay auction)
- Condition
- Size
- Full component/spec list
- Approx Location

4.) Put in the subject heading a short but informative piece on what the item/s are.

5.) One thread for all sale items, per forum section. We will allow separate threads for whole bikes. If you have more to sell then please update the old thread.

6.) If the sale is completed, you may start a new ad. Old threads are deleted when there has been no activity on the thread for 28 days.

7.) Multiple threads will be merged or deleted.

8.) Bumping is not allowed (reducing items for sale by silly amounts will get your advert pulled for bumping we would expect a minimum of 5%).

9.) Editing your post is not allowed (see notes below). Corrections can be posted subsequently if necessary.

10.) Normal forum rules apply regarding TXT talk and CAPS lock (don't and turn it off).

11.) Do not repost your advert if you still have a current advert for the same items.

12.) If your thread is finished with and the buyer is happy with the goods then please make a post stating that all items are sold or words to that effect and lock the thread. You may now start a new thread if needed.

13.) Be aware that open threads in the same areas will be merged/ deleted.

14.) Note this is not an auction site. Please do not invite offers.

15.) It is strictly forbidden to post duplicate ads of your own or others'. Doing so earns an instant ban. Any posts that don't meet this will be removed without warning.

16.) Selling fakes, copies and counterfeits is strictly prohibited. All such posts will be removed.

Trade sales

1.) If you are in the bicycle trade and use this forum to offload product, your post will be deleted and you will be banned. If you'd like to advertise contact BikeRadar. More info on our About Us page

Final notes

The ability to edit ads has been removed. The reasons are simple - it is to stop the more unscrupulous members editing their ads and prices after items have been sold. The buyer has no comeback unless they saved the advert. Simply update as a new post on the thread. This works best for buyer and seller, as both can see exactly what is happening, and you get a free bump for an update.

If you have made a calamitous error, please use the report function but it pays to read the rules and get it right first time. If you would like the title changed, please again use the report function as this will get the best result.

Thanks for reading and happy trading!
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