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Weak quadriceps when climbing

I'm trying to improve my climbing ability and find that during a climb, if I get out of the saddle, my quads are really tight/ache/weak significantly compared to when riding in the saddle (a similar feeling to over-geared efforts).

Is this just a case of continuing with the hill reps and building the strength/endurance and being out of the saddle more, in which case, any recommendations for exercises/workouts to improve quad strength?

Or could it be a bike fit issue that's putting extra strain on the quads?

Any help/advice greatly appreciated!


  • webboowebboo Posts: 6,070
    I can’t imagine it would be a bike fit issue when riding out of the saddle.
  • ktuludaysktuludays Posts: 96
    to improve my climbing legs i simply ride stood for longer periods. intervals also help, sat ad spin up a climb in the gear you normally would and when you are ready to stand drop down a gear (1 gear harder) and stand and climb. when you sit change up a gear and spin again. rinse repeat, adjust interval times as you get better. as your muscles build increase gear difficulty.

  • joe2019joe2019 Posts: 1,338
    You won't be lacking 'strength' in your muscles, you just haven't attained the required fitness.
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 11,741
    Assuming nothing physically wrong with you I'd put it down to lack of muscle tone. I've done 300/400 miles a month and found out of the saddle riding really hard even though really fit. I do a few hard spin classes which you spend a lot of the time out of the saddle just to help build up the muscles. HIIT can be used for fast sprint and climbing. Basically push yourself, but be aware of your limits.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
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