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As with half the world it seems, I've recently bought a smart trainer so I can use Zwift during the lockdown.

I'm working from home at the moment and finish work at 5:30 and have been jumping straight on the turbo trainer for an hour blast. Ordinarily, I wouldn't snack before an hour ride unless I was doing some heavy intervals or going flat out, but my lunch hour is 12-1, and not eating for 6 hours leaves me starving so I've been grabbing a banana at about 5:00 before jumping on the trainer, however it's not sitting very well. I've moved onto trek protein flapjack as an alternative but i'm pretty sure they're going to be full of crap and I'll probably only burn off 1/4 of the flapjack in an hour.

Given I've got limited time to snack before jumping on the trainer, does anyone have any other suggestions? I do try and not eat if I can and eat after, but sometimes 40 mins in I start to really feel weak.

Any suggestions would be appreciated - I had spent time looking through the forums but couldn't find anything.


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    Well, I usually do similar to be honest. Nature valley protein peanut bar is quite popular for a more filling one, or the Nakd ones (which are raw etc. so apparently not full of rubbish).

    If you're on for an hour you should burn off more than the ~200 calories that's in these bar things - you'd only need to average about 60 watts for an hour to clear 200 calories.

    Another thing is that 30 minutes is probably not quite enough - try giving yourself an hour and see if that helps it sit better.
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    jam butty works for me!

    or eat a bit earlier, 4:00 - 4:30
  • Just carbs, as simple as possible to be easy on the stomach. Avoid all fats and protein where possible as it only slows down the carbohydrate digestion.
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    What happened to the porridge?
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    If I get up early to do a 1hr workout, I normally just do it on a strong cup of coffee.

    If I ride for longer, or it's a harder workout, I'll either just have a banana, or if I'm, feeling very hungry, or it's a long session, I'll go for a smallish bowl of muesli with oat milk & a banana - I make sure I finish a minimum of 45 minutes before beginning.

    Whilst on the turbo I have adequate hydration, and use the isotonic tabs, and I have the ones with a bit of caffeine in them.

    In recent times the only sessions I have really started to flag on are 3 hour ones, but as you can imagine, that is not a regular thing!
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