Lateral Collateral Ligament injury.

After a few months off the bikes we set off for a warm and sunny January in the Algarve. After a couple of short but steep rides on the road bike and one on the mountain bike, we did a 30km ride off road.

Two days later the inside of my right knee was really sore to the touch and was giving me all sorts of weird pains. I couldn't walk on uneven surfaces or uphill without pain. I visited a very good physio who diagnosed a lateral collateral ligament injury and set me off on a course of exercises. These were mainly to stabilise my knee and to build my glutes, quads and hamstrings on my right leg. I've previously had an op on that knee and have, for years, been protecting it, hence the muscle wastage.

Three months on and after two or three very short try outs with no problem, I tried a very gentle 30 minute road ride, with barely any rise (30m). Two days later and I was back to square one. I experienced no pain while riding, cooled down, stretched after and then showered. Pain once again on the inside of my knee, which if I try a squat gets considerably worse. My knee is stable and the pain seems to respond to icing.

I'm 60 this year and have never really done more than play at cycling. For the past couple of years I've been trying to change that and up my fitness. Sadly thanks to illness and lack of time, that hasn't happened. I had a bike fit late last year but didn't really get the chance to ride again until January. I had been hoping to really up my riding this year, do a few sportives, as well as some long MTB rides.

I had a video chat with the same physio today who commented that it was obvious how much I'd built up my right leg so that it was nearly the same as my left. She thinks I've done the same again but couldn't comment on why.

Having spent the last 3 months looking forward to getting back on the bikes, I am more than a little demoralised. Obviously I'm not looking for a diagnosis but has anyone else had a problem with their LCL that kept recurring?