Have you given up on your season?

I know this could perhaps be considered a selfish topic in the grand scale of what's going on but thought it's worth a discussion.

Just wondering who is writing their seasons ambitions off?

I had planned a full season of time trials this year, plus at least a dozen races, many of which I had already paid for. I had trained so hard over the winter specifically to hit the ground running for the first tt which would have been today (first race was scheduled for this coming Sunday). But it's becoming more and more obvious that every lower lever/amateur, sporting event is going to be cancelled, even late season sportives may struggle, and with this outlook I'm resigned to losing my own season and as a result am starting to struggle with motivation to continue training.

Just interested to hear how others are adjusting to the possibility if no cycling events this season, and how you're finding motivation to continue training without goals.


  • whyamihere
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    Having had every event cancelled (as well as a couple of pretty significant life events), I've lost the motivation to train. I've barely touched a bike for weeks. My plan for when I get back on the bike is to spend some time just riding for a while, without thinking about numbers. Hopefully things get back to normal next year and I'll have a decent base to start from.
  • kingstongraham
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    Still holding out a bit of hope for my trip to the Pyrenees at end of August, but will be just riding whenever before then. Everything else cancelled already, except RideLondon, which I guess is late enough to be a possibility, but I don't hold out much hope even for that.

    Also lost a lot of fitness by not riding for the last three weeks, but hopefully that can come back with turbo riding when I can get back on.
  • imposter2.0
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    Still hoping for some kind of return to racing by July or August. 'Hope' being the key word..
  • N0bodyOfTheGoat
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    Chase your power PBs on segments, whether they are up hills, on the flat or doing circuits?

    I've absolutely no idea where my power interval stats are now, compared to when a lurgy and subsequent possible mild COVID-19 knocked my pretty brutal training since Jan on the head, around 27th Feb. I got within 3W of my best 20mins MAP from last year, ironically just before I came down with a prolonged lurgy that obliterated my stats along with an injury.

    Having just finished a 14-day isolation without getting anywhere near as bad as my partner, I'm still not right, my lungs still feel tighter than normal while breathing in. I have no intention of testing my 20min MAP anytime soon, but I will try to do some regular z2/3 rides and look at z4+ efforts up cat3/4 climbs once my lungs feel normal.
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  • kingstongraham
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    Having just finished a 14-day isolation without getting anywhere near as bad as my partner, I'm still not right, my lungs still feel tighter than normal while breathing in.

    That sounds exactly the same as me (about two and a half weeks on) - I tried a ride on Zwift the other day when I thought I was about through it and it felt worse the following day, so taking it very slow.

    Going to be a while before anything that feels like fitness returns.
  • fenix
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    Ticking over - Still want to be fit for when we are over this nightmare.

    Definitely don't push yourselves if you've been ill. Time is on our side !
  • redvision
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    Glad I'm not the only one struggling.

    @Fenix, don't get your hopes up on this being over quickly. I have a feeling it will be September before gathering restrictions are lifted and things like amateur bike races and sports can resume. I guess that would be in time for the hill climb season and autumn sportives but there's still no point of looking/ entering yet due to the uncertainty.

    God help us all if the restrictions get tighter in the meantime thanks to the selfish aholes who breached the lockdown to go sunbathing on the beach with their friends at the weekend.

  • fenix
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    I'm hoping it might be over by August but that's all it is. Hope. If it's a month longer then it won't make that much difference.

    Keep safe everyone and fingers crossed for a rainy Easter !
  • daniel_b
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    Ticking over here mostly too.

    Luckily for me I am a dedicated turboer, so not 'that' much has changed for me, although I was hoping to be taknig part in group rides, and ride London later this year, so those targets \ hopes are up in smoke.

    I have discovered RGT though, and am really enjoying the group ride aspect, and the fact I have agreed to 'meet' 3 or more people to ride the Stelvio @06:00 means I will get my @rse out of bed, instead of being lazy and just lying in.
    Also like the fact I can be riding againt Belgians, Italians, Americans, and people from across the globe.

    Trying to still work 37 hours a week from home, and take a part in educating\entertaining my feisty 6 year old daughter is somewhat of a challenge, although I appreciate nothing to compared to what certain people are dealing with right now.

    To that end I REALLY need that endorphin buzz (as opposed to a good beer one) early in the morning, and it generally means I can make it through the day mostly intact.
    I am generally turboing 3-4 times a week.

    I did my first ride outside, since this all began, on Sunday, kept well clear of anyone I met, which was not many, as I went mid afternoon, and properly pushed myself - it was enjoyable, but I suspect I'll mostly be sticking to the turbo for the forseeable future.

    My weight has been stubbornly high since the start of the year, but managed to lose 1kg in the last couple of weeks which is progress.
    So in a nutshell, I will be trying to get my weight where it should be, keep socialising on RGT, and see if I can improve my FTP, or at the very least maintain it's current level, whilst dropping weight.
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  • Another one whose season is in tatters here. Started the year great by training from NYD onwards (normally I get back on the bike around April!) Then a training camp in Mallorca in early March. Then we're in lockdown and everything is cancelled.

    On the one hand, it's annoying as I was feeling really strong and putting out the best numbers I've ever done. On the other hand though, I can 100% see the need for the current measures and 1000s of people dying puts racing into perspective.

    Still gutted though and am finding it hard to keep my motivation up when it's time for another TrainerRoad session.
  • bobmcstuff
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    I'm actually doing a lot more than usual - or at least much more consistently.

    I'm usually away from home at least one night a week, and usually for a full week a month, which is all obviously off now and that makes consistent training a lot easier (I was supposed to be in Singapore last week, in the end I ran a 3 day meeting by VC from my living room between 1.30 and 10am - not something I wish to repeat - but I was still able to train!).

    I also had a busy start to the year being away at weekends (weddings and stag dos etc. mainly), which stops you getting a long weekend ride in, but those are also now cancelled - 2 weddings so far including my brothers.

    To be honest I don't know what to do with myself most of the time now being stuck at home, I'm used to being away or busy. I hate being stuck at my desk all day so I have been going for a light morning jog to wake up and then doing an hour+ on TrainerRoad/Zwift in the early evening. I rode a metric century on Zwift on Saturday which was a bit stupid really, but it's not like I had anything else to do. My fitness is coming on really well and I've lost 2kg already... I find the progress motivating and self-reinforcing so it is easy to keep going once I get into a rhythm.

    Not sure what I am going to use this fitness for but hey ho.

    Helps that my club has started doing virtual club rides on Zwift, which is good for motivation.
  • joeyhalloran
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    I don't want to make anyone feel bad but my 'season' is currently going quite well. All the events I had planned have been cancelled but I don't mind too much about that.
    • I am still on track to beat my 10,000 mile annual target (beat last year)
    • I have more time to train and actually quite like turbo workouts so now have been doing plenty of them, as well as some solo rides outside (or with my partner, who also cycles)
    • I seem to be coming out the other side of anemia, so my power levels seem to be going up quite quickly over the past 4 weeks, feels great! Must be what taking EPO is like