Knee issue/GP Issue

Evening people,

I am need of some direction please, knee issue..

I have a soft tissue therapist that has for quite sometime been treating my right leg for suspected IT Band Syndrome "swelling on the lateral side just above and to the side of my patella "kneecap". This started Julyish last year.

In November the pain had spread around the top of the knee, quadriceps to kneecap juncture when cycling. So more Soft tissue therapy, eventually I begin experiencing crepitus and if that wasn't enough whilst out walking the dog I experienced the most sickening and debilatating pain sear through the inner side of my knee which stopped me in my tracks.

I went to see a Neuro Skeletal Doctor whom asked me to do some squats "mostly assisted" he diagnosed suspected Chrondomalacia and stated weak glutes as the cause, then proceeded to test my glutes only to tell me they were very strong.... at no point did he look at my knee " I had jeans on" sent me on my way with a big rubber band with if no improvement come back in 8 weeks. I went back after four, had an x-ray which ruled out Osteoarthritis, he discussed the results and diagnosed a suspected Meniscus tear....with "you will need a Cortisone injection"....

It all feels a bit like "pin the tail on the donkey to me" but he has said he could refer me to Orthopedics, but they would only offer the injection as a first course of treatment.

I have been to see a podiatrists whom thinks it's my arch in my foot and has sold me some expensive insoles. My Therapist says I don't need the insoles they could do more damage and I don't need cortisone as it can damage soft tissue. I am sick of being in pain and am really not sure what to do now....

Any guidance would be great, please.


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    Sorry to hear that you have been pushed from pillar to post.

    I know it's running focussed but have a look at

    and have a look at the video

    Have used the video stuff to sort out any, clearly milder than yours, knee pain.
  • sungod
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    i've used them twice, extremely good, easiest if you can go private/via insurance, otherwise you'd need to get a referral from your gp
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    I don't know how old you are - but this is a problem as you age. They will find things like weak glutes , tight hamstrings - the problem is working out what is significant.

    Personally I would take the Jab - It may calm down the inflammation and speed up any healing - also if works then its sort of a diagnostic. As you get older lots of fixes are 'buying time' for example knee replacements only last so long - but it buys pain free years.

  • Thank you for all your replies which I have read, I am going back the GP on Tuesday to try and get some sort of direction treatment. I will take the injection for now as I'm sick to my back teeth of the pain and even more fed up of not being able to ride...

    I have looked at going private but it's out of my budget and there is the question of why should I have to pay other than getting seen quicker.

    And lastly sorry for the late reply, am self employed and rushed off of my feet or foot 😆