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Menieres Disease and Cycling

Hi to all Cycling who suffer from Menieres Dizziness

I last contacted the forum on this subject back in November 2018 at the time i was going thro a stage were the dizziness was attacking me every few days and went on for a period of a few months ,finally burning itself out early last year ,anyway the bad news its back and its been around again since last November it doesnt seem to want to go this time and has really effected my cycling during the past few months
i have tried all the diets including reduced salt ,no caffeine and no alcohol nothing seems to make any difference the attacks keep coming ,has anyone found a way of combating the dizziness i am at my wits end , just about ready to throw my bikes into the canal


  • How about getting a trike?

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  • thistle_thistle_ Posts: 6,978
    Have your GP given you anything to try to keep it under control?

    The OH's mum has Menieres. I don't think the diet things made a difference as she still suffered while avoiding everything and seems better now she's given up on that.
    I'm pretty sure the doctor have her some tablets to take too.
  • mrfpbmrfpb Posts: 4,569
    I have (suspected) labrnythitis diagnosed a few years ago that kept me off the bike. My GP referred me to neurology (no issues detected) and balance clinic (via ENT). My understanding is that diet is in no way relevant to the condition.

    The only way it was resolved was with exercises given by the balance clinic that trained my brain to take on a greater role in balance. Different exercises work for different people, so you need to work with a specialist to resolve it. Stress, fatigue and other factors that place a demend on the brain can allow the dizziness to come back, but going back to the exercises usually resolves it for me. Conversely time off the bike or away from activities that engage balance (such as lazy holidays or long drives) also bring on dizziness. I'm more likely to get a dizzy spell while still in bed in the morning than out running or cycling.

    Menieres and labrythitis can be mistaken for each other, and you really need your GP to refer you on to a sepcialist to address your condition.
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