Bone ageing effects in early 60s

I get that some on here will know a lot more about this than I do with their relatives etc but thought it might be interesting to younger members what happens after 30 years of daily cycling?
I spent some 30 years bike bound practically daily for up to 4-5 hours at a stretch,often in London traffic.
Needless to say apart from being here still to tell the tale thankfully I do have quite a stiff neck possibly incurred from all the necessary neck swivelling to survive in such a road environment.
The other possible cause would be lying around head propped up against a pillow for considerable periods of time with strain on the neck while watching TV Reading in bed etc.
Its no joke proper sit up chairs do not fit well in 10 by 10'bedsits.This is not imagined.Hammersmith hospital some years ago did an X Ray and saw mild Cervical Spondylitis,that ws when I was in my mid 50s.So its probably true that cyclists necks get a lot more use then those of car drivers or pedestrians.
The thumb too (joint) seems to have variously cyclists palsy,arthritis a bit,trigger thumb,
Be warned!
This is what it feels like when you get to the end of the bike lane.
Its thankfully still possible to cycle.On Electric Bikes doing 20-25 miles a day.
Anyone know what is the oldest age reached for a good long round the world type cycle?
Im looking speedily at more ergonomic bars.
Ever since cycling Ive been suspicious of leaning too much pressure on any sort of bars.
However my physio advised me to keep moving as its not purely a question of the neck joints just getting physically ground down as they 'oil'themselves apparently with movement.
Though its not cod liver or WD40!
Take Care!


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    but then lack of weight bearing exercise (weights, running etc) also results in Osteoporosis - women in particular suffer from this. Sitting in a car is bad and so on. We aren't designed to sit on a bike (Cyclefit have an article on this) or ride in cars etc.